Create Stunning Pages with Notion Web Design

Learn how Notion with Feather can give superpowers to your website and make web design faster and easier than ever.

Create Stunning Pages with Notion Web Design
Notion has become an all-in-one workspace. You can create a product roadmap, and a task list, set up projects, and assign tasks to team members all in one place - your Notion workspace. You can even customize your workspace to suit your need.
With Notion, you can build a website without writing a single line of code. It is quick and simple; whatever you have on your Notion page, click on Share at the top right and switch on Share to Web toggle. You now have a live website!
You can use Notion both for web design and also organize your website project.
There is a but - your website will appear just like your Notion page. This will not be beautiful to your audience.
However, there are several Notion website builders like Feather which will give superpowers to your Notion page. Feather uses Notion as CMS to render your Notion page into a beautiful frontend- custom styled web page.
Hence, you can use Feather with Notion to make a simple blog or a full-fledged website - landing page, resource website, personal blog, resume, design portfolio - name them.
In this article, you will learn why is a good idea to use Notion for web design.
We’ll also show you examples of some beautiful websites designed using Notion with Feather.
Let’s get right into it.

Why Use Feather and Notion for Web Design?

Compared to the traditional means of building websites, here’s why you should use Feather and Notion for web design:

1. The lightning-fast website creation process

Notion helps you launch your website live in the quickest time ever. You won’t encounter the difficulty of fixing the layout or design. In less than a minute, you can launch a fully working website by just clicking on Share to Web toggle in the Share feature.

2. No code is needed

You don’t need to write a single line of code to publish your website on Notion. Still worried about using beautiful designs? You can achieve this using Feather with Notion without still writing a single line of code.

3. Making changes is easy

Making changes on your website is as easy as creating it on Notion. You can add new pages, remove pieces and install wireframes without installing plugins or going through processes. Whatever you edit on your Notion page reflects on your website once you hit the Publish button.

4. You can collaborate with your team easily

As mentioned earlier, Notion can help you design your website and manage your website project. The setback with other website-creating platforms is the use of external platforms to manage their team projects.
With Notion, you can collaborate seamlessly with your team; assign tasks, set calendars, and review and edit the website design on your Notion workspace.

Adding a blog to a Notion web-designed site

If you want to add a blog to your Notion web-designed site, you don’t need to use an external platform.
With Feather, you can add a blog to your Notion website with ease. Feather uses Notion as CMS. This means you can fill out the content of your website in Notion while Feather takes care of the rest.
It includes a number of features that allow you to easily customize various aspects of your blog site that would be impossible to do directly from Notion.
Here are some features you get when you use Feather to create a blog on your Notion website;
Custom Domain – It lets you host your website on your own custom domain rather than the Notion domain. Live Editor – You can post, edit and customize from the Feather dashboard and see your real-time changes.
  • Pretty URL – It lets you generate human-readable URLs that are also SEO-friendly.
  • Speed – Setting up the blog is fast because Feather converts whatever is on your Notion blog database to a blog piece.
  • SEO and analytics - All the SEO-related things, like schema markup, meta tags, and canonical links, are taken care of automatically. Also, you can monitor your blog analytics from your blog dashboard on Feather
  • Custom templates - Feather now has different templates you can use for your blog. The templates are flexible enough that you can customize the color, and design to fit your taste.

Notion web-designed sites examples

Here’s a collection of some really amazing Notion websites. All of these websites were built with Feather and Notion.
1- This is the personal website of Bhanu Teja P, the founder of Feather. It encapsulates his profile, his work, and his blogs. All are built with Feather using Notion as CMS.
notion image
2- Zuna is a SaaS platform that helps you manage bookkeeping, reporting and forecasting.
notion image
3- Tweethunter is a SaaS platform that is designed to help you grow and monetize your Twitter audience.
notion image

Closing thoughts

Building a website in Notion takes only a few clicks. All you need is to create a page using ready-made templates or manually, make the edits you want, and hit publish.
However, to give it a more personalized feature and experience for your audience, you need to use a website builder like Feather which can give you a lot of benefits like hosting your custom domain, better front-end templates, and SEO optimization.
Want to try Feather out? Sign up and enjoy the 7-day free trial.

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