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Complete blogging platform with Notion as your CMS. Write your articles on Notion and publish them with a single click.No coding or design skills required.


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Feather Blog Dashboard

Okay so how does it work?

You can create your blog with Notion & Feather in 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Add your databases

Use your own Notion databases or duplicate ours.

Add your databases

Step 2: Map your fields

Map your Notion fields with Feather fields.

Map your fields

Step 3: Choose your domain

Choose a domain or a subdomain for your blog.

Choose your domain

Step 4: Get your blog

That's it. You will get back a professional blog.

Get your blog

See, it's that simple! 😎

Some of the features 😍

Related Posts

Make it easy for your readers to explore and read other related articles at the end of every article.


Make it easy for your readers to explore the writings of individual authors. A separate dedicated page for each author in your blog.


Categorize your articles and make it easy for your readers to read other articles in the same category.

Site Analytics

Get detailed and privacy-friendly analytics out of the box with zero setup.

Lightning Fast

Every blog is optimized to the maximum for load speeds. Search engines would love your blog.

Excellent SEO

You do not have to worry about SEO. Feather makes your blog SEO optimized out of the box.

Fully Responsive

Your blog will look good irrespective of the device that the reader is using.

Custom Domain

Brand your blog with your own custom domain or use any subdomains.


Automatic sitemap to make it easy for search engines to know what all links your blog has.


Quickly search and find any article you want with just a keyboard.

RSS Feed

Readers can always get notified when you publish a new article.

Dark Mode

Choose dark mode or light mode or both for your blog.

Coming Soon

Is Feather a right fit for you?

This is a very good fit for you if:

  • 👍 You're a content creator who wants to grow your audience and visibility by writing online.
  • 👍 You want to monetize your content and make money through it.
  • 👍 You're a business owner or an indie-hacker who wants a fast and SEO-optimized blog for your business.
  • 👍 You use Notion to write and manage your notes and content.
  • 👍 You want a blogging platform with complete ownership of your content.
  • 👍 You want to have a new blog site on your own domain.
  • 👍 You want to have a blog at /blog path of your existing website.

This may not be a good fit for you if:

  • 🚫 You don't know about Notion or do not use Notion at all.
  • 🚫 If the main focus of your website is not the content.

See what people are saying

Feather lets you focus on content

  • Write everything on Notion

  • Super fast blog

  • Your own branding

  • Fully responsive on any device

  • Free SSL

  • Advanced analytics

  • Excellent SEO

  • Custom domains

  • Collect emails

  • Complete ownership of your content