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Now, you can configure a webhook for your feather blog newsletter…

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Feather has an inbuilt form to collect emails from your visitors. You can then export emails from the Feather dashboard to a CSV format, then import them to your preferred email platform for sending.
This was a manual process. But from today, you can automate this with webhook.
Now, you can configure a webhook endpoint inside Feather. Whenever a new person subscribes to your newsletter that webhook endpoint will be called and an email will be sent as a JSON payload in that call.
Configuring webhook endpoint in Feather
Configuring webhook endpoint in Feather
All you have to do is go to Settings > Features and then add your Webhook URL there.
I will also write a blog post and link here on how to setup webhooks with something like Zapier for this use case and connect it to whatever email platform you want.

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Bhanu Teja P
Bhanu Teja P

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