Notion Blog vs Ghost: A Comparison

Deciding between Notion and Ghost for your blog? Our detailed comparison covers everything from ease of use and customization to SEO and monetization, helping you choose the best platform for your needs.

Notion Blog vs Ghost: A Comparison
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Choosing the right blogging platform significantly impacts your digital success. With various options, each with unique features, it's essential to select one meeting your needs and goals. Your choice affects content creation, management, and distribution, audience engagement, and blog growth.
A suitable platform can expand your content's reach and engagement, keeping your blog competitive in the evolving digital landscape. Therefore, understanding different platforms' strengths and limitations is crucial to support your blogging objectives.

Quick Look

Two notable platforms in the blogging sphere are Notion and Ghost. Both have garnered popularity for their unique features and capabilities, catering to different types of users and blogging needs.
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  • Known for its versatility and integration capabilities.
  • Offers a user-friendly interface and powerful content management.
  • When paired with Feather, it becomes a robust blogging tool.
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  • Designed for professional publishing.
  • Provides robust tools for creating, managing, and monetizing content.
  • Offers both self-hosted and hosted (Ghost Pro) options.
In the following sections, we will delve deeper into a comparative analysis of Notion and Ghost, helping you understand which platform might be the best fit for your blogging aspirations.
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Key Features Comparison

😄 Ease of Use

Choosing a blogging platform that is easy to use can significantly reduce the learning curve and make content creation more enjoyable. Let's compare the ease of use of Notion and Ghost:


User-friendly Interface
Notion is known for its intuitive interface with drag-and-drop features, allowing easy content management without technical skills.
No Coding Required
Notion's standout feature is its accessibility for beginners, requiring no coding knowledge. Users can easily create and organize content.
Integration with Feather
The Notion-Feather integration converts Notion pages into professional blogs with advanced SEO, allowing direct publishing and improving efficiency for bloggers.


Simple Setup
Ghost provides a simple setup for self-hosting or using the Ghost Pro service, enabling users to focus on content creation.
Professional-grade Editor
The Ghost editor, built for content creators, offers a robust interface supporting multiple content types such as text, images, and videos, making it a versatile tool for multimedia bloggers.
Intuitive Interface
Ghost's interface offers an immersive, distraction-free writing experience. Its intuitive design is ideal for professional writers seeking a streamlined workflow.

🎨 Customization Options

Customization is key for bloggers who want to create a unique and engaging online presence. Both Notion and Ghost offer customization options, but they cater to different levels of technical expertise and creative control.


Notion's custom templates allow users to maintain consistency and efficiency across different content types such as blog posts, travel itineraries, and packing lists.
Integration with Feather for Design and SEO Enhancements
Feather's integration with Notion enhances customization and SEO, turning simple Notion pages into professional blogs. It allows users to personalize their blog's look and optimize it for search engines without coding.
Templates for Consistent and Efficient Content Creation
Notion's custom templates provide consistency for all blog posts, aiding bloggers who prioritize uniformity and efficiency.


Ghost provides a selection of themes for blogs. Although fewer than WordPress, there are ample options for a unique look. Ghost's theme marketplace offers free and premium themes to suit users' style and budget.
Customization via CSS and HTML
Ghost offers users with coding knowledge extensive customization options through CSS and HTML, allowing them to alter their blog's appearance and functionality for specific needs.
Advanced Users with Handlebars Templating
Ghost supports advanced customization with Handlebars, perfect for developers wanting to create custom themes and layouts. The Handlebars documentation from Ghost provides guidance for custom development.
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📝 Content Management and Creation

Effective content management and creation are vital for maintaining a successful blog. Both Notion and Ghost offer robust solutions, but they cater to different workflows and user needs.


All-in-One Workspace
Notion is an all-in-one workspace combining notes, tasks, databases, and calendars. It simplifies your blogging process by allowing planning, drafting, and organizing on a single platform, eliminating the need to switch between tools.
Combines Notes, Tasks, Databases, and Calendars
With Notion, you can create detailed notes for your blog posts, manage your editorial calendar, and track tasks all in one place. This integration helps streamline your workflow and ensures that all your blogging activities are well-coordinated and easily accessible.
Enhanced by Feather for SEO Features
Feather integration transforms Notion into a full blogging platform with SEO features, design customizations, and simplified publishing. It enhances Notion's capabilities, making it ideal for bloggers to efficiently create, manage, and SEO-optimize their content.


Seamless Content Creation
Ghost offers a distraction-free content creation experience with a clean, intuitive editor, enabling bloggers to focus on writing and crafting high-quality posts.
Various Content Types
Ghost supports an array of content such as text, images, and multimedia, enabling bloggers to create engaging posts. It simplifies the addition of diverse media, whether it's videos, audio clips, or interactive elements.
Team Management Features for Collaborative Projects
Ghost provides comprehensive team management suitable for collaboration. Team members with varying roles can efficiently work together on content creation and management, add bylines, manage schedules, and maintain strategic alignment.

📈 SEO and Performance

SEO and performance are critical aspects of any successful blog. Ensuring that your content is optimized for search engines and that your site performs well can significantly boost your visibility and user engagement. Here's how Notion with Feather and Ghost stack up in terms of SEO and performance.

Notion with Feather

SEO Optimization with a Subfolder Structure
Feather augments Notion by enabling a subfolder blog structure (e.g., beneficial for SEO. It consolidates domain authority and boosts crawling efficiency, enhancing search engine rankings and visibility.
Built-in SEO Features
Feather offers built-in SEO features like adding meta titles, descriptions, and keywords within Notion, optimizing your blog posts for search engines, attracting organic traffic, and enhancing search rankings.
Fast Page Load Times and Schema Markup Support
Feather ensures quick page load times by optimizing images and code, enhancing user experience and SEO. It also supports schema markup, aiding search engines in understanding your blog content and displaying rich snippets in search results, thereby boosting your Notion-based blog's performance and SEO.


Native SEO Features
Ghost has strong SEO functionalities, letting users adjust meta titles, descriptions, and canonical tags. It also supports Google AMP for better mobile page performance and improved mobile SEO.
Fast Performance
Ghost's fast performance is crucial for user engagement and lower bounce rates. It can handle high traffic while maintaining accessibility and performance. Fast loading times also enhance SEO rankings, as search engines favor sites with good user experience.
Suitable for Content Marketing and Subscription-Based Models
Ghost is ideal for content marketing and subscription models, with built-in features for monetizing content. It promotes engagement and revenue through premium content and subscriber tiers, and facilitates audience targeting and retention for long-term SEO success.
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🏦 Monetization and Membership

Monetizing your blog and managing memberships can provide a sustainable revenue stream and foster a loyal audience. Both Notion with Feather and Ghost offer features that support these goals, but they approach them differently.

Notion and Feather

Seamless Email Collection and Integration with Marketing Tools
Feather integrates seamlessly with Notion, enabling efficient email collection directly from your blog. This integration supports lead generation and email marketing efforts, allowing you to build and nurture your subscriber list. Feather also supports integration with various marketing tools, enhancing your ability to engage with your audience and convert them into paying customers.
Collaboration Features for Team-Based Content Creation
Notion excels in facilitating collaboration. Multiple team members can work together on content creation, editing, and management. This collaborative environment is particularly beneficial for blogs with multiple contributors or editorial teams, ensuring that everyone can contribute effectively and maintain a consistent quality of content.


Built-in Membership and Subscription Management:
Ghost has membership and subscription features for easy content monetization. It lets you set membership tiers for exclusive content, helping bloggers sustain revenue through subscriptions.
Zero Payment Fees for Premium Content:
Ghost's standout feature is its no-fee premium content, allowing creators to keep all subscription revenue. This boosts profitability and incentivizes more readers to subscribe by offering premium content on your blog.
Multiple Premium Tiers for Different Levels of Membership:
Ghost allows you to create multiple premium tiers with different benefits, catering to various audience segments at different price points. These tiers, offering perks like early content access or exclusive articles, enhance your revenue and audience engagement.

💵 Pricing

Understanding the pricing structure of your blogging platform is crucial for managing costs and ensuring you get the best value for your investment. Let's compare the pricing options for Notion with Feather and Ghost.

Notion with Feather

Feather's Pricing Based on Traffic:
Feather's pricing depends on your blog's traffic, benefiting smaller or newer blogs. However, after the free trial period, a paid plan is necessary.
Cost-Effective for Comprehensive Content Management:
Though Feather isn't free, its integration with Notion provides a cost-effective, comprehensive content management solution. It offers great features like SEO, design customization, and seamless publishing, making it a worthwhile investment for serious bloggers and businesses.


Free for Self-Hosted
Ghost provides a free self-hosting option for blogs. This cost-effective solution suits users with the technical know-how for server management, offering full control and a way to reduce costs.
Ghost Pro Plans Starting at $11/Month
Ghost Pro provides hosted plans from $11/month, offering features like hosting, updates, and support. This allows users to concentrate on content creation. Higher-tier plans with additional features cater to larger blogs and businesses.

📩 Community and Support

A strong community and reliable support system are essential for any blogging platform, as they provide valuable resources, help troubleshoot issues, and foster a sense of belonging among users. Here's how Notion with Feather and Ghost compare in terms of community and support:


User Community and Extensive Documentation
Notion's lively user community offers a wealth of resources, including tips, templates, and best practices. Detailed guides and tutorials in Notion's comprehensive documentation help users fully utilize the platform's features.
Additional Support and Resources
Integrating Feather with Notion provides users with added support for blog setup, SEO optimization, and troubleshooting, empowering them to effectively manage their blogs.


Community Support, Detailed Guides, and Forums
Ghost's active community contributes to forums, shares insights, and supports peers. Its comprehensive guides and documentation cover setup to advanced customization, providing users easy access to needed information.
Regular Updates and Active Development
Ghost is regularly updated with new features and improvements. The responsive development team frequently enhances the platform based on user feedback, ensuring Ghost remains a reliable and innovative blogging solution.
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Deciding Factors

Choosing between Notion with Feather and Ghost depends on your specific needs and goals as a blogger. Both platforms offer unique features and capabilities that can enhance your blogging experience, but they cater to different types of users.

Notion with Feather

Flexibility and Ease of Use
Notion, renowned for its ease of use and rich features, offers a flexible content creation and management system with its drag-and-drop functionality and compatibility with Feather. It provides an all-in-one solution for organizing notes, tasks, databases, and calendars. Feather further enhances design choices and aids with SEO.
Powerful Content Management
With Feather, Notion becomes a powerful blogging tool. It supports SEO optimization, quick page loading, and schema markup. This means your content is ready for search engines. Bloggers who want a full-featured content system, without the need for technical know-how, will find this integration very useful.


Advanced Monetization
Ghost is ideal for bloggers seeking monetization. It offers a membership system, subscription setup, tiered premium content, and charges no fees for premium content, making it a robust choice for blog profit.
Professional Content Control
Ghost's easy-to-use editor and its support for different content types make it a powerful tool for professional content creators. You can customize it with CSS, HTML, and Handlebars templates. It's great for working together on projects and creating high-quality content, thanks to its smooth content creation process and strong team management features.
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Summing Up

In summary, if you prioritize flexibility, ease of use, and comprehensive content management, Notion with Feather is the ideal choice. It offers a seamless integration that enhances Notion’s capabilities, making it a powerful tool for bloggers of all skill levels.
On the other hand, if your focus is on advanced monetization and professional content control, Ghost provides the necessary tools and features to support a subscription-based model and high-quality content creation.
Both platforms have strong community support and regular updates, ensuring you have the resources and tools needed to succeed in your blogging journey.

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