Feather: Add a custom domain to your Notion Blog

You can assign your own custom domain to your Feather Notion blog by adding the given CNAME to your DNS.

By default, all your Feather blogs come with a subdomain of .feather.blog like example.feather.blog.
But if you want to make your blog truly your own, then you would want to assign your own custom domain to it. This also helps you retain all the SEO benefits when/if you migrate to some other platform in the future.

Step 1: Verify your domain

  1. Add your domain.
    1. Open your blog dashboard in Feather.
    2. Click on Domains in the sidebar and then select Custom Domain.
    3. Add the domain you want and Save.
  1. Feather dashboard will then show you some TXT records that you need to add to your DNS.
    1. Add these TXT records to your DNS.
    2. Click on Check Status to verify whether the DNS records you added got propagated or not.
    3. Once these TXT records got propagated, they will disappear from the dashboard and a CNAME will be shown in its place. This will be the confirmation that the records got propagated.
  1. Those TXT records are only needed temporarily, so when you see a CNAME record on the dashboard, feel free to remove the previously added TXT records.

Step 2: Add the CNAME record

Feather dashboard will show you a CNAME. Add that CNAME record to your DNS.
That’s it. Your custom domain will now be automatically assigned to your Feather blog.
An SSL certificate will also be automatically generated and added to your custom domain.