How to publish a new blog post in Feather?

Follow these steps to publish a new blog post using Feather + Notion

Meta Description
Meta Title
Every feather blog has 4 databases – Content, Pages, Tags, and Authors.
All your blog posts will go under the Content database.
To publish a new blog post,
  1. Add a new item in the content database.
  1. Add your blog post content.
  1. Check ✅ the Ready to Publish property.
  1. Set the Publish Date property to today’s date or some date in the past.
This is the bare minimum you need to publish a blog post.
On top of those above, the following steps are recommended.
  1. Add the Slug property.
  1. Set the cover image.
  1. Choose the tags that are related to the blog post or create new ones.
  1. Set the author of the blog post.
  1. Choose and select other related posts.