5 Surprising Notion Blogs: How to go from Notion to Blog in Minutes

How these 5 companies use Notion to publish content in a professional blog and drive huge traffic.

5 Surprising Notion Blogs: How to go from Notion to Blog in Minutes
Notion has emerged as a preferred platform for creators who still recognise the power of the written word.
Whether you’re a straight up personal blogger or a large enterprise who want to communicate with their audience, the versatility of Notion for organizing content and its ease of use makes it an obvious tool for creating and planning blog posts.
But how do you publish the content from Notion to make it look like a professional blog?
Great question! The answer is, it’s actually really simple. Before showing you exactly how easy it is, let’s look at 5 amazing blog examples which are actually built on top of Notion, and why there is about to be a golden era for real, human, writers.

The Value of Starting a Blog: Why Now?

We are entering an era where the written words of real human beings will soon become very rare and sought after, thanks to the overwhelming fog of AI content.
With this saturation of AI-generated content flooding the digital world, the demand for genuine human connection and stories has never been bigger.
Blogging consistently remains a top strategy if you’re interested in:
  • Building a loyal readership.
  • Enhancing SEO with evergreen content.
  • Establishing authority in a niche.
It’s a fact, it isn’t easy to break through the noise, but with just a little genuine passion and the right tools (which we will reveal later in this post) it could be the perfect time to leverage your unique voice and perspectives.

Revealed: 5 Surprising Notion Blogs

These 5 top blog examples are all created using Notion as their backbone, or their CMS (content management system) to be exact.
All of their writing and content organisation is done using simple Notion pages. No need for any code or services like Wix, Shopify and Wordpress which overcomplicate the process.
The blog examples below are each an extremely important part of their respective owners business. Let’s look at each one individually and then we’ll focus on how they turn their Notion based content into these awesome blogs with one simple tool.

1. Tweet Hunter

Tweet Hunter has a cult like following amongst people trying to build and monetize their twitter audience (or X audience as it is now).
Some of the biggest names on X, including many of your favourite influencers, use Tweet Hunter services. One big factor in the success of Tweet Hunter has been their consistent use of a blog to gain authority in their niche. This leads to masses of very targeted traffic to their site.
They’ve been doing this for years, which means they now have a lifelong traffic generation machine. Even if they stopped posting content today, their Notion blog posts will continue to work for them, for years to come.
notion image

2. Taplio

Taplio helps people grow their personal brand on Linkedin. And like Tweet Hunter, they’ve been blogging about their niche for years.
You can see how they have categorised their content to make it easier to find. Allowing users to go down any rabbit hole they choose.
This Notion based blog has been a great traffic generator for Taplio due to the huge SEO advantages blogs provide.
Their blog is linked to the Taplio landing page via the “Try Taplio for Free” CTA button which creates a perfect route to turn reader into customer.
notion image

3. Growth X

Growth X is a community for founders and business leaders. They provide a super valuable network for highly ambitious people to learn, grow and ultimately get the business outcomes they want.
The Growth X blog forms a crucial part of their business. They give potential customers insights into the expert knowledge of community members by offering informative essays on topics in their niche.
Despite this blog having a different design and colour scheme to the businesses above, the content is all still created and managed in Notion and they also use one simple tool (which we discuss below) to go from Notion to blog seamlessly.
notion image

4. Onigiri

Onigiri offer great tools and advice to people wanting to run their own freelance business. They use their blog as a way to provide upfront value to people who may not be their customers, yet!
This Notion based blog is another great example of how you can seamlessly make a Notion blog part of your business via great branding and design.
The designs and colour schemes used here perfectly match the main site and this blog includes links straight to it, giving readers a frictionless way to become customers.
notion image

5. Reflect

Reflect is an AI app built for note taking and connecting your thoughts. They have a great site but decided (very wisely) to use Notion to blog. They post various types of content, from updates on their app development, to big industry wide pieces about their niche.
This blog may look very different to the previous four we looked at, but it’s still built on Notion. Reflect decided to use a pre built Notion dark mode to ensure it merges seamlessly with their main app site. It’s connected in this example with a great “Start Free Trial” CTA button.
notion image
Each of these blog examples showcase distinctive designs and powerful features, despite all using the same Notion platform.
Now let’s look at exactly HOW all these companies are turning their Notion pages into a blog.

Turn Notion Pages into Blog Posts with Feather.so

All of the companies above are finding huge success by transforming their Notion pages into polished blogs using Feather.
This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process these companies took to convert Notion content into high-quality blog posts that are not only visually appealing but also optimized for SEO.
Feather.so ensures your blog benefits from great design, effective SEO tactics, auto-updates, and the ability to schedule posts – all crucial elements for making your blog visible and engaging.
It worked for everyone above and it can work for you too.
notion image

1. Sign up for Feather and Set up a Database

Starting your Notion blog on Feather is straightforward and user-friendly. All you need to do is duplicate an existing database where you can input your drafted and published posts. Once you log into the Feather dashboard, you will be prompted to create your blog.
By duplicating the Notion template/database provided by Feather, you're already one step closer to having a fully operational blog.
This template will create four databases which become your content spaces:
  • Content
  • Pages
  • Tags
  • Authors
These databases cover everything you need to establish a blog using Notion and Feather. If you already have your own Notion databases, you can also use them instead of duplicating the Feather database. After creating your Notion page, make sure to set it to public so Feather can access it. Once you’ve done that, return to Feather and continue with the blog creation process.

2. Connect the Notion Databases

After setting up the database, connecting the Notion databases is the next step. You’ll see four tabs in the Feather dashboard – Content, Pages, Tags, and Authors. If you’re using your own Notion database, you’ll need to copy the links of each of the databases and paste them into Feather to connect them.
Once you click on Connect Database, a screen will pop up allowing you to map your Notion properties to Feather. If you're using the default Feather template, there's no need to make any changes as all the required fields and properties are automatically mapped. Once done, proceed to the next step.

3. Choose a Name and Domain for Your Blog

Selecting a name for your blog and a subdomain is essential during the blog creation process. It's essential to choose a name and create your blog as you can connect your custom domain later on. This step helps in personalizing your blog and creating a unique identity for your online presence.
Detailed analytics as standard.
Detailed analytics as standard.

4. Effortless Blog Publishing with Feather and Notion

There couldn’t be a more streamlined process for publishing blog posts with Feather and Notion. Leveraging Feather’s SEO features, you can optimize your blog posts and attain better visibility, driving organic traffic to your content. This integration ensures your blog ranks well on search engines, attracting a wider audience, and boosting your blog’s overall performance.
Using Notion as your CMS allows you to publish optimized blog posts directly from Notion, enhancing your blog’s visibility, and driving organic traffic. This integration streamlines the publishing process and ensures that your blog ranks well on search engines, driving organic traffic to your content.
Video preview
Notion to blog in 2 minutes using Feather.

The Feather Trend

More and more great people and companies are heading to Feather to create professional blogs using Notion. One of the latest to create a Feather blog is revid.ai. They allow people to create viral videos in minutes with AI. Check it out!
notion image

Benefits Recap

  • Go from Notion to blog in 2 minutes with a simple connection.
  • Choice of layouts to suit your preferences.
  • SEO optimization built in driving traffic automatically.
  • Pre built design choices which are proven to engage.
  • Content tags to automatically organise posts for users.
  • Meta titles and descriptions all handled effortlessly in Notion.
  • Formatting options in the Feather dashboard plus all the benefits of Notion.
  • Ability to schedule posts from within Notion.
  • Create multiple authors which are automatically displayed on your blog site.
Choosing your blog design with Feather
Choosing your blog design with Feather


Notion's content organization capabilities combined with the blogging backend mastery provided by Feather.so offers a complete solution for bloggers aiming to carve out their niche in the digital space.
The success stories from the blog examples mentioned above demonstrate the significant potential of using Notion with Feather as a foundational tool for content creation and blogging.
Ready to take your blogging to the next level?
Start a free trial with Feather now.
You’ll see how easy it is to go from idea to a fully-functioning, optimized, and professionally designed blog in minutes.
Your audience is waiting for you.

Ready to start your own blog while writing all your content on Notion?

Notion to Blog in minutes

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